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2017 Youth Summer Theater Workshops


July 10 – July 21
Performances July 22
non-musical production for students entering grades 4 and above
Cost $250
Synopsis: Get ready to break the fourth wall in this outrageously silly parody. Princess Esmeralda has fallen in love with Lance A. Lot, a mortal from the real world. When the uptight King and Queen learn of their daughter’s affection for this human, they banish him and strip Esmeralda’s helpful fairy godmother of her powers. In the meantime, everyone in the kingdom is stuck in limbo because no one in the real world is reading fairy tales anymore. Cinderella can never have her glass slipper, Jack can never climb his beanstalk, Beauty’s beau will always be a beast … and, well, you get the picture, bleak as it is. Esmeralda must come up with a plan that will somehow bring Lance back, and get everyone else’s stories back on track. That way they all can finally reach their happily ever afters — and perform a magnificent curtain call! Throw in a wizard who loves stealing the spotlight and a line-up of dysfunctional Prince Charmings, and you have the craziest culmination of fractured fairy tale characters in the history of the world!


July 24 – July 28
Performances July 28
musical production for students entering grades K – 3
Cost $125
Synopsis: Taking its inspiration from the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Princess And The Pea, the kids in this musical, wondering why they’re never asked what they think or what they want, devise the perfect plan when the teachers cannot choose. Of course, the students find the perfect fit, “A grown-up who could not stand peas,” only to find out that their new principal is a fan of… Brussels sprouts!


July 31 – August 11
Performances August 12
musical production for students entering grades 4 and above
Cost $275
Synopsis: It’s the 1960s, a big nuclear blast to the past! School’s out for the summer, and the teenagers of Ocean View High are ready to surf, sun and have some fun. Their favorite hangout is Barnacle Betty’s Beach Club, which happens to be right next door to the evil Ivana Ratnik’s nuclear power plant. But, ooops! Cindy Sue, the head cheerleader, accidentally gets some nuclear slime on her hot dog instead of pickle relish, and soon the beach is overrun with pom-pom wielding zombies! Her all-American boyfriend, the beatniks, the nerds and the tough girl gang named the Barracudas rally their forces to save the beach from the atomic attackers.
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